Why scrap scaffolding products in need of minor repairs when we can assist you with repairing these products. Hereby giving you the ability to make use of these products at a fraction of the price of new products. We also offer modifications of scaffolding and formwork products to suit your next project. These repairs include the following:

  • replacing Ledger ends (Captive Wedge Assemblies)
  • Locating Ledger Wedges when missing
  • V-Pressings located on the standards of which have been broken or bent
  • Cut sizes down to a smaller size
  • General repairs on all other products

We have also made scaffolding specials such as seating stands, steps, support legs, mushroom heads for columns, special size panels, special size ledgers and many more. Should you have any repairs or special designs please feel free to contact us and we will gladly assist you.   

Advantages of Repairs

  • No need to scrap scaffolding of which only requires minor repairs
  • Offering you the ability to make small modifications to existing scaffolding to suit your next project.
  • Major cost saving in comparison to replacing a new product

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