We offer hiring services to those customers who feel purchasing would not be a benefit as they only require scaffolding for a short period of time and feel that it would not be necessary to purchase the equipment. We have joined forces with one of the largest scaffolding hiring companies in South Africa to assist us with the hiring scaffolding requirements of our customers.

Hiring is not our main focus point, however we do offer the facility, as we feel that after hiring equipment over a period of time, although it may have assisted in completing your current project it does absolutely nothing for your company in the up and coming projects. Our preferred choice is to sell you the product and add to your assets, as this is the reason some companies move forward in the future and some remain at the same point.

Afterall, if you put some deep thought into it, should you have owned the scaffolding you would have had more gross profit on the current project as you would have done away with the hiring cost.

Although these are our thoughts customers will still find a time where it is not beneficiary to purchase the scaffolding and should this be your situation, we are still here to assist you with your scaffolding needs.

Advantages of Hiring

  • No capital outlay. Allowing your company take take on multiple projects simultaneously
  • No need for large storage facilities once your projects have completed
  • More suited for customers with a once off usage of scaffolding equipment
  • No need for labour force to maintain your scaffolding equipment

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