Scaffolding Components are a very important part of the three Scaffolding Systems (Kwikstage, Formwork and Selflock). The uses are as follows:

  • Bracing: Bracing is acheived with the use of scaffold tubes and either swivel couplers or band and plate sets.
  • Alignment of Formwork: B and C Clamps are used in conjunction with either Scaffold Tubes or Channel Walers to align your Formwork Panels.
  • Base of Scaffolding: Depending on whether or not your tower is going to be a Mobile Tower or Static Tower you have the option of using Base Plates, Base Jacks, Castor Wheels or Jacking Castors as a base.
  • Top Jacks:When using Kwikstage as a support structure and Formwork Products when pouring a slab, you can make use of either a U-Head Jack, J-Head Jack or Fork Head Jack. These are also available without a jack, making use of a spigot.
  • Joiners: When joining your Standards to reach heights Connectors may be used. There is also an option available to have a Sleeve welded to the end of your Standards. This is a perfect solution to avoid the loss factor of connectors. However, the disadvantage is when you would like to make use of Top Jacks, as this will not align correctly due to the welded sleeve.

Advantages of Kwikstage

  • Fast and simple to erect
  • Various sizes available to suit your requirements
  • Individual items provide for easy storage
  • Easy to transport due to light weight
  • Customise your scaffolding / formwork to suit your requirements with the use of scaffolding couplers

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