Formwork Systems include three designs: Walling Systems, Column Boxes and Slab Systems (Decking)

Walling Systems

Walling Systems make use of Steel Economy Panels which are manufactured in various sizes. The length of the panels range from 600mm to 3000mm and a width range from 75mm to 600mm. The Economy Panels are fastened with the use of either Light Duty or Heavy Duty Clips and Wedges. The panels are aligned by using either Scaffold Tubes or Channel Walers which are fastened to the Economy Panels with the use of either B Clamps or C Clamps.

Angles can be achieved with the use of Internal Corner Panels or External Corner angles and to support the Wall Panels in an upright position Push Pull Props are put in place.

Each Economy Panel is manufactured with holes to allow for Tie Rods. The Tie Rods are then Fastened in place with Form Nuts and Form Washers.

Column Boxes

Column Boxes are made of 3 Designs. Square / Rectangular Column Boxes and Circular Column Boxes.

  • Rectangular / Square Column Boxes can be achieved by either making use of Economy Panels with External Corner Angles and Clips and Wedges (Described in Walling System category) or with Main Side Type and Small Side Type Column Boxes. Main and Small Side Column Boxes have built in corners to ensure self-squaring and are fastened with the use of PMI Wedge Assemblies.
  • Circular Column Boxes are manufactured to suit your round column size requirements. The heights range from 300 to 3600 with a width range of 230 to 900. Circular Column Boxes are once are once again fastened with the use of PMI Wedge Assemblies.
Slab Systems

Our Slab System consists of our Kwikstage System, as a support structure, as well as added Double Head Jacks, Kwikstrip Beams and Decking Panels. The system is very simple to erect and easy to handle. The complete system consists of six items which are Base Jacks, Standards, Ledgers, Double Head Jacks, Kwikstrip Beams and Decking Panels.

Three days after pouring the Decking Panels and Kwikstrip Beams may be removed by releasing the top nut on the Double Head Jack. Thus, allowing you to utilise the Decking Panels and Kwikstrip Beams on the second pour while maintaining the support structure of the first pour.

Advantages of Kwikstage

  • Fast and simple to erect
  • Various sizes available to suit your requirements
  • Individual items provide for easy storage
  • Easy to transport due to light weight
  • Save on costs by making use of Kwikstage Scaffolding as your support structure
  • Simple and effective solution to create an off shutter finish on walls, columns and slabs

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